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Leading company in this field, We provide specific solutions.

SMIT SOLUTIONS Company has been Establish in May 2020 the very early days of sound and Projections equipment Service, AMC, Installations and manufacturing. We have been there for every game-changing invention and development in the field, and we are constantly educating ourselves and researching the latest advancements in modern audio technology. We have our fingers on the pulse of the best tech equipment available at any given point in time, which has been one of the key attributes to the longevity of our business. we always give to client in quality and finishing work.

we always believe in client satisfactions and trust .

Naresh More

CEO & Founder
  • Our Mission

    Desires to obtain

    Our mission is to provide high quality Audio Visual products and services to our customers and partners and to be profitable in the process. We are committed to maintain excellence and respect in all aspects of our professional and business conduct.

  • Our Vision

    Cinamas / Theaters / Multiplexes

    The great explorer of the truth, the master builder human happiness one.

  • Our Value

    Except to obtain

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There is some reason behind why people choose SMIT Solutions past 6 years for their business solutions.



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Take a trivial example, which seds ever undertakes laborious.



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Meet Our Team

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Naresh More

CEO / Founder

Great explorer of the truth, the master-builder of human happiness no one rejects avoids.

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Team Name

Teachings of the great explors off the truth seds master-builders of human happiness.

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